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Deathless Rose

Life is infinite through the eyes of
89-year old Yeshoda Rao,
our Deathless Rose.



My body maybe bound by skin
But my Words echo infinity
In my Face is limitless expression
In my Mind are thoughts endless
My eyes, an eternal firmament
My footprints, everlasting memories.


My Sense unsnaked by touch & sound & sight
My body a point in white infinities
All my speech is now a tune divine
I contain the whole world in my soul’s embrace


This chapter of the Visage series was not meant to be. Deathless Rose is the book that my grandmother, Yeshoda Rao considered a Bible and read to me over and over again – small excerpts that fit within my minuscule attention span. It now seems like the video experiment we undertook a year and a half ago became much more than I had imagined. What gave it shape was the conversation I had with my grandmother a day before her surgery, where she sat me down and poured her heart out about the contentment in this stage of her life, things that must / mustn’t be done after she is gone, the boy I will choose to marry, etc.


Her words of wisdom crept back to me months after her demise when I felt the burning desire to see her again. All I had were the tools of picture and audio, for a reconstruction of the past which to me is a means to communicate with my grandmother. Even if it is the same set of words, every time I watch it she tells me something new, something different. Once the edit was complete, the team felt that it would be the most “auspicious” start to a journey we have embarked upon.

Yeshod, as my grandpa liked to call her, was an Artist, Poet, Author, Musician and Yogi, one with her beloved Krishna always. This video represents not just the musings of an 89 year old, but also reflects the personal bond we as a team share with her. I hope that this video can touch the lives of many, even in the smallest way possible. It is a glimpse of the most amazing storyteller I have ever known; a small celebration of the undying spirit that is Yeshoda Rao, our Deathless Rose.

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Author : Karishma Rao
Produced by Teepoi
Producer : Vandana Druva Kumar
Cinematography & Edit : Karishma Rao
Edit & Grade : Vishwesh Shiva Prasad
Music : There’s a Ghost (Instrumental) by Fleurie

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  1. My heart pours out love and only love when I think of Ajji. Her wisdom lives on through you because only you can reinsert life into her words through visuals, through sound, through narration. Her essence continues to enlighten through you. Keep up the good work!

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  2. Beautiful thought, conveyed with so much love and good spirit. It is heart-warming to see the wisdom and spirit of a strong, caring and practical lady, with ideals far beyond her generation, live on – not only through this video, but through you, the apple of her eye! There is no better way to honor Doddamma’s wishes, than with your brilliant work. Keep it up!


  3. This is beautiful and heavenly divine Kurry. I feel great joy and love through the depth of your words and the beautiful movie that brings The Deathless Rose alive. Thank you team!


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